Saturday, March 19, 2011

Me, Fabulous?

Why am I fabulous? 
I don't like to toot my own horn; but this is a contest entry. Plus, it gives me some time to have a bit of positive affirmation.

I am fabulous because...
  1. I have the same, seemingly cruel sense of humour as my husband.
  2. I have 2 children who keep me on my toes, keep me honest, and make me laugh and cry sometimes within the same day (hour?)
  3. I learned a "dying language" and taught it for nine years to voices and minds of the future.
  4. I can rise above adversity and manage to usually take the high road. 
  5. I can step dance. And while it wasn't cool at one time, I kept going and it opened many doors of opportunity to me.
  6. I'm good at my job. 
  7. I can be an unknowing sleuth.
  8. I always tend to see the best (better?) in people... to a fault...
I guess I ain't too shabby at all... wink

This entry is for the contest.